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Trailer Type Gensets



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Trailer Type Gensets

Trailer Type Gensets
Product features:
Fully sealed box structure is used, with rain, snow, frost, dust-proof function, can work in harsh environments.
Noise reduction structure for intake and exhaust is used, to ensure the stable operation of the unit at rated operating conditions.
Noise reduction performance, scientific design, advanced manufacturing technology, low noise processing for compartment and exhaust system, noise reduce to 70-80 dB (A)/7m.
A traction gear is reserved under the wheeled chassis for positioning and balancing at any time.
Mechanical scaffolds are set in the four corners of the frame for inertia braking, mechanical parking braking and accidental disengagement braking.
Warning light, fog light and stoplight are installed at the rear, conforming to the road transport safety standard.
Cable trough can be pre-installed to facilitate the clients.
Power range:
Application scope:
It is widely used in open spaces and outside power site as a common or standby power. At present, trailer type generating sets are widely used in national security, telecommunication, plateau, mining, etc.
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