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Chemical fertilizer 15-15-15



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Chemical fertilizer 15-15-15

Chemical fertilizer 15-15-15.
Recommended plants: fruit vegetable crops and ornamental flowers.
Rate method and duration of use.
Dry crops
1. Cassava Fertilizer once a second hole above, filling rate fertilizer 60-80 kg / ha.
At the age of 1-2 months after the first weeding.
2. SUGARCANE put rate 50-80 kg / rai as follows.
- Sugar cane cultivation.
Add the first time about a month after planting.
Enter two times of urea fertilizer. (46-0-0) in the clay or
Fertilizer, ammonium sulfate (21-0-0) in the sand, the rate of 25 and 50 kg / rai, respectively.
Add the first time after about 30-60 days.
- Non-irrigated sugar cane stumps from the first season.
The second time after inserting the first time about 30-60 days.
By sprinkling the row. Irrigated. After the first time put all the trim stubble
Second 21-0-0 Rai rate 20-40 kg / rai after inserting the first 30-60 days.
By sprinkling the row. Fertilizer, while the land should have proper moisture.
And needs to drown out shoveling manure
Enter the canopy. Shoveling and filling at a rate of 1-5 kg ??per tree per year.
Depending on the size of the tree, and in any one year should be divided into fertilizer about 3 times.
Ornamental flowers, if planted as a farm used as vegetable
If a plant pot was about 15-30 g / pot.
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