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Chemical fertilizer 13-13-21



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Chemical fertilizer 13-13-21

Chemical fertilizer 13-13-21.
Recommended plants: fruit vegetable crops.
Rate method and duration of use.
Dry crops
Sugarcane grown in clay, clay with peat fertility high Not suitable to be planted with sugar cane.
In soils with low integrity input rate 60-100 kg / rai / year below.
- Add sugar cane cultivation is divided into two equal time is 30-50 kilograms per rai.
Add the first time about a month after planting.
Enter the second time after inserting the first of about 30-60 days.

- Non-irrigated sugar cane stumps from the first season.
The second time after inserting the first time around about 30-60 days after planting.
By sprinkling the row. Irrigated. After the first time put all the trim stubble
Second 21-0-0 Rai rate 20-40 kg / ha after inserting the first 30-60 days.
By sprinkling the row. Fertilizer, while the land should have proper moisture.
And needs to drown out shoveling manure
Grapes, oranges, rambutan, durian, longan, mangosteen, mango, banana Laongsrd fertilizer canopy area.
Shoveling and filling. When the fruit onto the fertilizer, then about a month to every other 2 months.
Until Gabe benefit. Rate of about 1-3 kg per plant.
Various melons, onions, garlic, tomato pepper cabbage kale cauliflower shift Klam.
The same rate as in field crops. For entering the second phase should include 15-30 days.
After entering the first chemical Pun.
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