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BrandXGMA Period of validitytoLong-term effect Last Update2018-11-16 19:42
Operating Weight6.11t Rated Power58kw Bucket Capacity0.75-1.5m3


  Product Features

1. The long wheelbase and reasonable load distribution of the axle brings the machine good stability during travel and operation.

2. The high dumping, big digging force and the auto levelling during material dumping brings high working efficiency.

3. The separate layout of transmission components, the free link function of fuel and hydraulic oil tank, and backward opening of engine hood makes the machine easy to repair.

4. The cabin has professional shock absorption, noise isolation, and split design meets various needs of working site. 

5. The optional special bucket, A/C can meet different needs of users.

This is the best choice for users pursuing high reliability and high efficiency.

Operating Weight: 6.11t

Rated Power: 58kw

Bucket Capacity: 0.75-1.5m3

Description Unit XG918
Engine Brand     YTO
Model     LR4A3-24
Type     Four-stroke cycle, water-cooling, in line arrangement, direct-injection
Rated power   kW 58
Rated speed   rpm 2400
Max. torque   N.m 275
Fuel consumption per hour   g/kW.h ≤220
Performance Rated load   kg 1800
Bucket capacity   m3 0.75-1.5
Operating weight   t 6.11
Max. gradeability   ° 30
Discharge angle at full lift   ° 45
Dump clearance at full lift   mm 2630
Dumping reach   mm 850
Discharge angle   ° ≥45
Max. breakout force   KN 6.11
Lifting time of lift arm   s 5
Total cycle time   s ≤9.5
Min. turning radius (in carry position)   mm 5000
Overall dimensions(L×W×H)   mm 5630×2000×2850
Travel Speed Forward I km/h 0-8
II km/h 0-20
Reverse I km/h 0-8
II km/h 0-20
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