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ATS cabinet
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Brand: ATScabinet
Unit Price: Negotiable
Minimum order: 1 set
Stock: 100 set
Delivery Period: From buyer's payment date 3 Days delivery
Period of validity: Long-term effect
Last Update: 2018-11-16 15:49
ATS cabinet
ATS cabinet is mainly applied for the automatic switch between prime and emergency power, composingautomatic emergency power supply systemtogether with diesel gensets.

ATS cabinet
Product features:
ATS cabinet is mainly applied to the automatic switch between prime and emergency power, composing automatic emergency power supply system together with diesel generating sets. When prime power is cut off, it can automatically switch loads such as emergency illumination, security power and firefighting equipment to generating sets.
Continuous and rapid power supply is a basic and core function of ATS.
As long as there is power failure, ATS can ensure a continuous power supply.
When common power supply fails, ATS can quickly detect and timely automatically transfer.
When common power supply returns to normal, ATS will automatically transfer the load from the standby power supply to the common power supply.
When the power supply fails, ATS can automatically cut off power supply.
Application field:
It is applied in hospitals, banks, communication, airports, radio stations, hotels, factories and enterprises as the emergency power and fire extinguishing power.

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