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Service Promises
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 Service Tenet:

Customer-oriented and integrity-based; providing all-weather, comprehensive, and wholehearted services.


Service Standards:

Maintenance comes first, responsibility follows;

Speed is the key to the fastest recoveryof power supply;

Use the original authentic accessories;

Make the failure cause and treatment methods public and carrying out the transparent services;

Sum up the experiences and provide trouble prevention suggestions.


Service system:

Manufactures joint guarantee system, round-the-clock services, and systems of comprehensive technical support, building up users’ file systemand regular visits.



Immediate response after the receipt of notification;

Methods of problem solving came up in30 minutes;

For field service, the technicists of the company should arrive at the site and get rid of the faults;

Major faults should be repaired in 2 to 5 days.The company can send one or several spare dieselgensetsas back-up sources for buyers (free during the warranty period) until the removal of faults;

During the warranty period, the equipment damages generated by the poor quality of products should be repaired by the supplier until it functions; for damages caused by the human improper operation, careless maintenance, or some irresistible forces, the charges of components and maintenance should at the users’ own risks.