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 Product technical consultation

Provide users with performance, technological, application and maintenance consulting service with respect to powerful gensets.Offeryour equipment high production ability and improve your economic benefit.


On-siteMaintenance Service

Ten mobile maintenance vehicles in company can provide prompt on-sitemaintenance service forusers.


Prevention and Maintenance Service

Good prevention and maintenance plan is very important for the maintenance of the sets'performance.

Our company inherits professional technology and fine tradition, and professional staff can explain to users the correct prevention and maintenance procedures and highly efficient operation methods.


Real-time Supply of the Components

The company has sufficient storage of spare parts, which can meet the real-time requirements of the most gensetsspare parts. At the same time, the advanced warehouse management mode can provide every user with timely components.

The component service is not limited to the components sales. Our sophisticated aftersales consultants also provideeconomical and scientific maintenance suggestions for users.


Other Technical Services

Overhaul and maintenance service before the fault occurs.

Detect and adjust the fuel oil injection pump and thelubricating nipple.

Test operating ofthe complete machine.

Overhaul the unit.

Technical training on care and maintenance

Soldering, installation & embedment, processing and reboring

Deputy maintenance services