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Corporate Philosophy
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 Core Value of business:
Customer oriented, create the maximization value for customers.
Culture philosophy:
Carrying out, studying, sharing and cooperating.
Development Prospect:
Our staffsobtain diversified developmentand improvement ceaselessly for their joining WANON, our partners develop and make progress ceaselessly because of their cooperation with WANON, customers break through and harvest success ceaselessly for their cooperation with WANON. WANonCompany commits itself to becoming a big transnational enterprise withdiversification, integration and internationalizationrolled into one, attracting excellent talents from all over the world, making them create products of environmental protection, science and technology and intelligence with their wisdom to change people’s living habits or lifestyle basically for their better life. Meanwhile, WANonCompany puts part of their profit in charity activities in social education field, feeding back the support from government and society!